I had never hired a doula before we contacted Leann Lett for post-partum doula care. When our little boy arrived, after about two weeks, most of our family help and support had ended, and I still needed nurture and help in the transition. Leann seemed to fit our family perfectly. I appreciated her initiative to jump in with both feet in getting to know our other children, tidy up our home, and care for my post-partum recovery and new baby. This was especially helpful since I wasn’t feeling 100% and didn’t always know exactly where I most needed her help during the hours she was present. When I hired Leann, one of my uncertainties was whether I wouldn’t be able to get any actual rest because I was still one room away from my children. I knew I needed a few naps. But I felt that she truly cared about my little ones, and they picked up on that as well. I was able to take naps without my 2 and 4 year old ever knocking on my door or crying. They took to “Miss Leann” right away. And I loved her confidence in caring so gently and skillfully for my new babe. I can say that I truly felt comfortable and secure (no guilt feelings) leaving my little children and new baby with Leann. She made me feel empowered in my role and at the same time safe leaving all three of my children with her. All in all, hiring Leann as a post partum doula was a great experience and something I would certainly do again and recommend to others. Leann still checks in on my recovery and emotional state nine weeks post partum and is a helpful ongoing resource. She is confident and a great fit in this position.

Raney- a postpartum client