After having a surprise c-section and traumatic birth with my daughter in 2012 I knew I wanted a doula for my next birth.  I had a very easy pregnancy and wasn’t worried about the VBAC until the last couple of weeks.  Everything started to scare me (was he breech, who would watch my daughter…) and every time Leann was a constant reassurrance.  On my due date I had a lack of fetal movement and went to get checked and from my first call to her she was there talking me through things.  When I decided to have a c-section I felt informed and completely impowered. I was spastic and couldn’t focus my thoughts on a c-section birth plan (I hadn’t brought anything with me) and she helped keep my head clear, to remember the things I wanted to ask for and to keep asking for them.  I’m one to let others take over, especially when I’m in pain or scared, and she gave me the tools to take control of my experience.  My husband was overwhelmed I think, and scared for me becasue of the last experience and her being there was a huge relief.  I chose Leann to come into the OR with me and my husband waited in recovery and I don’t know how put into words how grateful I am that she was there. I never felt alone for a second and I have constantly felt like this birth was no different than my vaginal birth. She helped me get skin on skin and it was beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  She helped me have a perfect cesarean birth. I never knew a surgery could be as natural and beautiful as my son’s birth was.  Leann stayed with me even when my son went to recovery with my husband and helped me during recovery getting him latched on.  Ididn’t know what a doula could do in a c-section situation but having her there changed everything and gave us the best start imaginable.  I can’t say thank you enough to her.

Corinn F.