LeAnn has a very kind and calming presence. She was very professional and gave us lots of support and useful information during the pregnancy.  She was very responsive to all our questions about the pregnancy, birthing process, and of being parents. We planned a home birth, and when my early labor did not progress, LeAnn suggested exercises to do to get the process going and came over to my house to patiently walk me through the exercises. When my water broke while doing the exercises, LeAnn went to the Birth Cottage with us to make sure all is well and the labor is progressing smoothly.  She spent that whole Friday with us during what turned out to be a very very long labor that resulted in a transfer to the hospital and a Ceasearan Birth. Despite the complete lack of sleep, LeAnn was calm and compassionate during the whole process, from the home labor to the hospital, which kept us calm. The whole birthing journey would have been much more scary and traumatic if LeAnn wasn’t there to keep us on track with our wishes for the birth, to hold our hands, and to give me a shoulder to cry on. LeAnn continues her support after the birth by checking in on us periodically and answering all kinds of parenthood questions that we have. I am grateful that LeAnn was our doula.

Angel Eason